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City of Heroes: Rebirth

City of Heroes: Rebirth aims to give you City of Heroes as the original developers intended for you to experience it. That is why our servers are running Volume 2, issue 1 (V2i1) (based on Issue 24 beta as it was on live)

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
City of Heroes: Homecoming

5 high-pop shards w/ 9,700+ peak concurrent players and over 100,000 accounts. Dedicated EU shard. Large & active GM team. Ongoing extension of i25, working towards i26. Custom XP rates available. All costume parts unlocked. Vet powers in vendor.

Category: SCORE

A vanilla Ouroboros v2:i1 server with 50 Paragon Reward Tokens, full Veteran status, and 1.5x XP rate for all new accounts. Dedicated server hardware. Family Friendly. US East based.

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
The Moon Shard

Public community server in the EU with good connectivity to NA. Large capacity server, with a "Just host the game and let us play" attitude behind it. This server uses Ouroboros (volume 2 issue 1) code to provide a stable, as-live environment....

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
#5 Unity

Welcome to Unity A server made for you to play on First Character is free to get his boost to lv50 small stable server with random events Join and enjoy the Freedom and Gain new Friends!

Category: SCORE
Rank Title Category This Week Average Stats
#6 Island Of Villains SCORE 2 4.1 Stats
#7 City of Heroes Union Ouroboros v2:i1 1 2.0 Stats
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