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A vanilla Ouroboros v2:i1 server with 50 Paragon Reward Tokens, full Veteran status, and 1.5x XP rate for all new accounts. Dedicated server hardware. Family Friendly. US East based.

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
The Moon Shard

Public community server in the EU with good connectivity to NA. Large capacity server, with a "Just host the game and let us play" attitude behind it. This server uses Ouroboros (volume 2 issue 1) code to provide a stable, as-live environment....

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
City of Heroes: Rebirth

City of Heroes: Rebirth aims to give you City of Heroes as the original developers intended for you to experience it. That is why our servers are running Volume 2, issue 1 (V2i1) (based on Issue 24 beta as it was on live)

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
City of Heroes Union

Loyalty Points 6 at start. XPScale 2.0, AEScale 2.0 ,TicketScale 2.0. once a week. we will give out 1-2 loyalty points/super Pack to everyone Double XP events will be announced Welcome to Union Friendly server this is server runs i24 Same Side as...

Category: Ouroboros v2:i1
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